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5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Stay Away from Guys Like Areesh from Anna

If You Know a Man Like Areesh, Stay As Far As You Can

Although HUM TV’s drama Anna was mostly popular among the fans who ship Izza (Naimal Khawar) and Altamash (Usman Mukhtar),  at least until Hamza Ali Abbasi married Naimal Khawar; the main characters of the show were Daneen (Hania Amir), Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) and Anya (Areeba Shahood).

The drama has recently ended, and fans are not pleased with the ending. Particularly because Daneen who suffered the most was left hanging in the end, while Areesh, the worst character in the show got his happy ending.

Why was Areesh the Absolute Worst Character

If you have never seen a single episode here’s a quick review. The show was about two families who had a falling out when Daneen’s aunt rejected Areesh’s uncle for his friend, and the latter committed suicide. Years later Daneen and Areesh fall for each other and the family egos and the old secrets come between them.

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Areesh is different from the usual heroes because he is not worth calling a “hero”. He was the absolute worst, who kept going between two women, destroying both their lives. And yet the show didn’t show him as a villain or a negative character. The show expected you to actually feel sorry for this player!

So girls, here are some reasons why you need to stay far away from guys like Areesh.

He will never stand up for you:

Remember the multiple times Daneen was humiliated by Areesh’s father or grandmother. How many times did the guy stand up for her? Zero. 

When things got tough he promptly dumped Daneen and got ready to marry his cousin. Girls, guys who can’t stand up for you are definitely not worth fighting for.

He is not loyal to his wife or his girlfriend:

Putting aside the fact he blamed his wife for lying to him when he found out she was raped as a child instead of being supportive or understanding, Areesh was neither loyal to Daneen nor Anya. 

Men like Areesh can instantly cut ties with the wife or girlfriend and then expect to be welcomed back as if nothing had happened.

He has no problems keeping in touch with his ex-girlfriends:

Areesh was shown to be playing with the feelings of both women. On one hand, Areesh was busy getting his wife pregnant, and on the other, he was pushing Daneen to get a divorce from her husband.

Sadly this happens in our society all the time. Men get married to the girl of their parents choosing and still keep chasing girlfriends, old or new. So girls, if your relationship falls apart, and the guy gets married and still tries to get back with you, BLOCK HIM!

He can leave you when he is done with the “Abba nahi man rahe” excuse:

Ahh the all so famous “Abba nahi man rahe!” excuse that both women and men use in Pakistan to stop taking the relationship to the next level.

Areesh broke his engagement to Daneen and married Anya, because that’s what his father had wanted. However, his father’s hold on him didn’t stop him from making promises with Daneen in the first place or from trying to win his ex-girlfriend back after they both got married to different people.

Men, if you know your parents would not agree to the match, don’t give the women any hope or promises of marriage.

Will probably make a rotten father:

As we mentioned before Areesh got married to Anya and got her pregnant pretty soon. However, as soon as Daneen walked back into his life, he left his pregnant wife and went on a secret getaway with his ex-girlfriend.

The kind of a man who has no thoughts to spare for his unborn child is definitely not worth keeping!

Kudos to Shehzad Sheikh for portraying the character so well! It’s rare that an actor’s performance can make you develop strong feelings, either of affection or hatred for the character, and it’s a big feat to achieve for any actor. We would have really liked to see Areesh suffer a little in the ending, for being an absolute layer. At least Daneen, the empowered woman with a strong mind, had the sense to walk away from the loser!

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