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The Bitter Truth About Black Clothing Collections in Pakistan

What’s Up With The Black Clothing Collections in Muharram?

Every year during the Muharram, many major brands such as Agha Noor, Ego, Satrangi, Sapphire and many other releases special black clothing collections with varying price ranges.

By marketing them as “black and white” and “monochrome” collections instead of calling them Muharram special, the brands try to avoid making the masses angry. It’s a clever way to mask their shameless attempt to make money off a tragedy but calling a lamb a lion won’t make it a lion. 

The truth is almost all the popular Pakistan fashion brands are producing black clothing collections and monochrome dresses in Muharram. From the high-end to the loose cloth shops in local bazaars, everyone produces and sells black dresses around Ashura.

Festive Wear from Muharram Collections

In Muharram, the entire Muslim community gets together to mourn the brutal Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain(R.A) and his entire family. The Shia, Sunni conflict does not matter when it comes to accepting that what happened in Karbala was a tragic part of Islamic history.

It was a tragedy so massive that the stories from that incident can still keep you up at night. These stories can bring tears to your eyes even if you are a Sunni, Shia or even a non-Muslim. It was a crime against humanity where women were dragged to court, babies were killed along with the men of the family.

All this happened to the grandson of Holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) and son of Imam Ali who was the fourth Khalifa, cousin and a close confidant of the Prophet and a learned man. As soon as the first moon of Muharram is sighted, the Shia community dresses in black to mourn the people who lost their lives in the desert of Karbala. 

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Black and White collection Sana Safinaz
Black and White collection Sana Safinaz

Our local brands trying to make money off such tragedy is a clear sign that we have strayed so far away from our path. It is a clear indication that we have lost of sense of right and wrong and our only compass right now is the material. The capitalist mindset encourages the vendors and designers to cash out the tragic history and traditions surrounding Ashura.

However, the market only does what is demanded of it. There are people in this country who organize lavish Majaalis for Muharram, and the dress code is kept black and sombre. To attend these extravagant events, people need the latest designs.

And that is where the Pakistan fashion brands come in. They are only supplying black clothing collection dresses to those who can afford and want new clothes for Ashura. Apart from Majalis, some Shias also choose to wear solely black during Muharram, and the black and white dresses made by these clothing brands can come in quite handy.  

Monochrome collection Ego

Final Verdict on Black Clothing Collections:

The real question is; the month and traditions that were meant to be observed as a solemn time to pray, and mourn for the Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) family are becoming more about extravagant events, trendy clothes, and showing off, whether it’s your wealth or grief.

The people who demand the latest designs every Muharram and the brands that are satisfying these demands are both equally to blame for this. Ashoura is the time to pray, to grieve, and to reflect on your Imaan, and at least this day should be spent with a pure heart and intentions.

So, this Ashura, promise yourself to spend more time on prayers and sending Daroods for the douls of the departed, instead of worrying about what to wear and checking out black clothing collections from every brand.

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