Why was the Incredible Climate Change March The Need of Time

What Was The Climate Change March and Why Was It Important?

Climate change is the “hottest” topic at the moment- pun intended. But many people in Pakistan and even the rest of the world, think it is nothing to be taken seriously; a myth or a conspiracy theory invented by the people to distract from larger issues of economy and wars.

Climate change refers to the wide-scale changes in temperature, and climate leading to storms and floods, and causing epidemics. Pakistan is one of the worst-hit countries by the changes in climate.

School Students in Karachi’s Climate Change March
Image Source: Dawn News

As an agricultural nation, we depend on the water of the Indus River System to sustain our economy and the growing population. Indus gets its water from the glaciers in the north that melt a little every summer.

However, with the temperature of Earth increasing at the rate it is; the glaciers can completely melt and disappear in a few years. Without glaciers, there will be no more water source for our rivers. No rivers, no evaporation, and no rainfall. Potentially Pakistan can run out of the water by 2025.

Even now, glaciers have started melting at a faster rate every summer, causing floods in lower Punjab and Sindh. The temperatures in cities are spiking causing massive heat waves, which bring with them diseases like Dengue and Congo Virus. The smog in urban cities affect mobility and cause breathing problems in the population of these cities every year.

The Pakistani Youth Taking Part in Climate Change March
Image Source: Daily Times

And yet people in Pakistan continue to use fuels that emit carbon dioxide that is directly responsible for heating up the Earth. Many countries around the world are moving to renewable energy sources, such as wind, and solar energy. Cars are running on electricity to reduce pollution. But in Pakistan, 64% of our electricity is produced by coals, we heavily use fuels in cars and factories that are only increasing the CO2 emissions.

The Climate Change March 2019 was exactly what we need, to bring attention to the perils of climate change and how we are contributing to it. The March was arranged by Climate Action Now and more than 5000 events were planned in more than 150 countries, making it one of the largest collective movements in the world.

pakistanis marching for climate change
Pakistanis Marching for Climate Change
Image Source: Dawn News

On Friday 20th September, more than 26 Pakistani cities participated in the call to action, from Bagh, AJK to Ghotki, Sindh. Youth from schools poured out with banners urging the government to take any action against climate change.

Goals of Climate Change March 2019

Here are the basic demands of the Climate Change March:

·         Declaring climate emergency

·         Convening a Climate Change Council

·         Adopting a Low Carbon Economy

·         Shifting to renewable energy sources

·         Recognizing air pollution as a health issue

Moving to renewable energy sources is not impossible. Countries like Canada and European nations are on their way to completely getting rid of fuel and carbon products.  If the Pakistani government doesn’t immediately pay attention to the dangers of CO2 emissions, air pollution, and using fuel in industries and transport, our next generations can suffer greatly.

We can potentially run out of the water and lose our basic source of income; agriculture which is dependent on water. People would also continue to lose lives from floods, epidemics, heat waves, and heavy rainfalls. Pakistani citizens, policymakers, and governments need to understand the dangers posed by climate change. An take the necessary steps to slow it down.

At a time like this, Climate Change March 2019 is perhaps exactly the wakeup call we need. 

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