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In a Shocking Event, PUCAD Students are Accusing Their Teacher Of Fraud

Lecturer Ashan Bilal supposedly made a fake website to scam students

Punjab Univerity’s College of Art and Design is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes of the country for art students. However, this latest scandal that has come to light, is utterly shocking.

The final year students of Graphic Designing in PUCAD have taken to media to share how they are being extorted by a faculty member, Ahsan Bilal.

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What’s Really Happening at PUCAD

The students were instructed to submit their thesis on a “foreign” website that requires a payment of $80 for submission. The students objected to the administration against this hefty fee. Instead of looking into this strange requirement for submitting a thesis, that is not being done in any other university, much less in a government institution; the administration instead pressurized the students that if they wanted to pass they have to do as their teacher instructs.

According to the students, a few months earlier, Ahsan Bilal also collected money from students for a poster competition by UNICEF, and they received emails from a suspicious website.

On checking the ownership of these two domains, the students were shocked to discover they were both registered in the name of Ahsan Bilal! The lecturer has been extorting money from students with his “foreign” websites for months.

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PUCAD Students are making memes featuring Ahsan Bilal
Image Source: UCAD Confessions

The PUCAD students have protested to media, and on social media to get the word out about this fraud, and how their department is pressurizing them to pay $80 for their thesis submission. The teacher also tempted the students that registering on this website will help you in seeking jobs. With their degrees and future on the line, many students have already paid the required registration fee, while several others are worried about their futures.

The Punjab University administration has appointed the PUCAD principal to hold an inquiry on the matter.

Here’s to hoping if this news is true, the culprit will be sent to jail on fraud charges and the PUCAD students will get their money back.

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