5 Foreign Shows and Movies that Show Pakistan in a Bad Light

Foreign Media loves to show a negative image of Pakistan. Find out which Hollywood and Bollywood Movies and Shows did just that!

As Shahrukh Khan’s produced Indian Netflix show “ Bard of Blood” rolls out, it’s not really a surprise that Pakistan is portrayed as a desert, with terrorists and RAW agents running free doing whatever they please. And of course, Pakistani Intelligence is shown to be in cahoots with the terrorists. 

This is not the first time this image of Pakistan has popped up in Bollywood. Hollywood and Indian media are bent on showing Pakistan as a terrorist state, and there have been several shows and movies that promote this propaganda. 

Foreign Shows and Movies About Pakistan:

Take a look at this list.

1. The Avengers Movies:

Yep, the most popular MCU franchise has something against Pakistan. Our country pops in a lot of their movies and is always shown as the stereotypical terrorist nation, the West is fond of showing us as.

Pakistan is mentioned in all three Iron Man movies. Iron Man 1 showed a Pakistani terrorist, while the second tells us there is a threat of nuclear technology being sold to Pakistan. In Iron Man 3, the War Machine flies to a Pakistani sweatshop which looks something out of centuries-old Middle East. 

Pakistani Camp in iron Man 3

In Thor, Pakistan is mentioned as a country most likely to have trained violent mercenaries. 

In Captain America-The Winter Soldier, Pierce asked Councilman Singh “What if Pakistan marched into Mumbai tomorrow, and you knew that they were gonna drag your daughters into a soccer stadium for execution? And you could just stop it with a flick of a switch. Would you? Wouldn’t you all?” 

Were these movies banned or censored for display in Pakistan? No. Did we all still enjoy them? Yes. 

That’s how immune we have become to this constant pandering by the foreign media that we are a radical, terrorist country. 

2. Uri: The Surgical Strike

In 2016, heavily armed militants attacked the Indian army’s camp in Uri, Indian Occupied Kahsmir, killing 16 soldiers. Pakistan was promptly blamed, however, the Pakistani government denied any involvement. As a response to this attack and several others on the Indian army by armed militants, India claimed to have performed a surgical strike in the Pakistani region of AJK in September 2016. 

Pakistani government rejected these claims of India’s surgical strike loudly and humorously. There were quite a few jokes and memes on India’s surgical strike on social media.

However, this did not stop Bollywood from cashing out on the incident. And of course, the villains of the movie were Pakistanis.

A Shot from Uri

3. Homeland 

Homeland Season 4 portrayed Pakistan’s capital in a way that makes you think how could a series with a vast budget not bother to perform any research whatsoever on the landscape and culture of the country they are showing.

The series shows how the CIA has just discovered that the ISI faked the death of Taliban terrorist Haissam Haqqani in a drone attack in Waziristan and then killed Sandy Bachman, CIA agent stationed in Islamabad, to throw them off track. 

The Western media and news agencies are fond of showing Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies as Taliban-harboring, treacherous, terrorist organizations, and the show plays right into the narrative, while also showing Pakistan as completely different from the reality.

Pakistan in Homeland

4. Phantom

It seems Bollywood cannot stop cashing on unfortunate terrorist attacks.

Phantom is set after the dreadful Mumbai Taj Hotel Attack of 2011. Pakistan was again held responsible. What’s more in this movie the main characters decide they would hit Pakistanis responsible for this attack from inside the country. And, they manage not only to sneak into Pakistan but the murder villainous Pakistani Mullah in broad daylight and sneak out.   

It’s easy to see why this film was banned in Pakistan.

Pakistani terrorist Jalsa in Phantom

5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Another Hollywood movie that shows Pakistan as a backward, radical state overrun by jihadists. Pakistan would just let anybody steal their nuclear weapon. And obviously need to be saved by a team of American heroes. 

At one point in the movie, the Pakistani president is killed. And martial law is enforced in the country. Although our censor board tends to turn a blind eye towards Hollywood movies giving a negative image of Pakistan, however, thankfully G.I. Joe 2 was banned.

foreign movie G.I. Joe
G.I Joe

There are several other foreign movies and shows by Bollywood that mention Pakistan in a negative way. We are glad our celebrities, notably Mehwish Hayat, and Prime Minister Imran Khan have now begun to speak up against this false portrayal of Pakistan, which harms the country’s economy, tourism, and internal relations to a great extent. Read what PM Imran Khan has to say about Islamophobia here.

Learn more about what’s new in Pakistani media here.

Sadly, Pakistanis still buy tickets or pay for subscriptions to watch these foreign propaganda movies and shows. Ultimately making them more money to continue making such poisonous content. It’s not only the government and agencies who are responsible to improve Pakistan’s image internationally. But we all also have a part to play. So folks, keep that in mind as y’all use the borrowed Netflix accounts to watch Bard of Blood. 


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