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Zindgi Tamasha – 3 Impressive Things That Stood Out in Sarmad Khoosat’s Trailer

Zindgi Tamasha’s trailer is here and it’s heartbreaking and beautiful!

Sarmad Khoosat has proven time and time again he is a gem of a director and performer. His highly acclaimed TV serial Humsafar has been watched by millions, both locally and internationally. Manto was another diamond in the rough that received widespread critical acclamation. So it’s only natural we got so excited when we heard there is a new Khoosat feature film on the way. 

Zindgi Tamasha, or The Circus of Life’s trailer just dropped on YouTube. And Khoosat fans are already loving it. Penned by Sarmad Khoosat and Nirmal Bano, the trailer gives a look at the movie that promises to be hard-hitting and epic.

character dancing in Zindgi Tamasha

From the trailer, it seems like the story is about a famed Naat Khuwan from Androon Lahore, who was caught doing something unsuited to his esteemed status as a man of religion, and as a result, is shunned by his daughter and everyone else.

Here’s are the things that stood out to us in the trailer.

1. Apt Representation of Lahore

Androon Lahore or the Walled City of Lahore is sure to pop in every Lahore based film and drama. The main focus is usually the Lahore Fort food street. You would see couples dancing, singing songs, and generally being very “un-Pakistani” in the streets of Walled City in Lollywood. However, if you have visited the place, the reality is far from what is portrayed on the big screen. 

One thing that stood out in Khoosat’s gritty trailer was that he stayed true to his representation of Androon Lahore. It’s messy, it’s congested, with people whose lives are closely entwined, and for better or for worse people in a close community tend to always find their noses in each other’s businesses. 

Walled City Lahore in Zindgi Tamasha
Walled City Lahore in Zindgi Tamasha

2. Hard-hitting Dialogues in Zindgi Tamasha’s Trailer

The second thing that stood out to us in Zindgi Tamasha’s trailer was the line “Agr koi banda 5 waqt ka namazi hai, toh kya uss pe baqi sub haram ho jata hai?” It seems like this the crux of the entire Magnus opus, a thesis statement if you please. In Pakistan, we put our religious icons and celebrities on high pedestals and we shower immense respect on them. But this comes with the price of judging them on these unrealistic standards of religion and morals we don’t even follow in our own lives. The moment they deviate slightly from our set of strict social codes, we shun them or worse accuse them of committing blasphemy. 

Arif Hasan in Zindagi Tamasha

The film is tackling a highly sensitive issue, emotions run high in Pakistan when a question is raised on how a man of religion should or should not behave. We hope Zindgi Tamasha is not faced with any backlash. 

3. Stellar Cast

We are also looking forward to seeing Eman Sulaiman. The model is choosy about the projects she selects. Last we saw her in “Akhri Station” and what a performance! 

The main lead, Arif Hasan, has already established himself as an experienced performer and we expect nothing less from him. It is always nice to spot Samiya Mumtaz on screen, she too selects her projects with great care. 

Arif Hasan and Eman Sulaiman in Zindgi Tamasha
Arif Hasan and Eman Sulaiman

We have high hopes from Zindgi Tamasha. The masses might not flock the cinemas for it. But it would definitely be watched by the cinema lovers and Khoosat fans, who are already desperately waiting for it. Sarmad Khoosat is an extraordinary director and the Zindgi Tamasha trailer is making his fans extremely excited for this brilliant piece of art.

At the very least, it is unique and polar opposite to the rom-coms and patriotic films Pakistani directors usually produce. Read more about Pakistani Media’s Obsession with Weddings here.

Watch Zindgi Tamasha Trailer Here:
Watch Zindgi Tamasha trailer here