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Mehwish Hayat: Her Fascinating Journey In 2019

Mehwish Hayat has seen many ups and downs. From being ridiculed on winning a national award to becoming a national hero to again being slut-shamed, and that’s only some of it.

Fame is a fickle friend, as J.K Rowling rightly wrote in the Harry Potter series. No one understands this better than Mehwish Hayat. The famed actress started her career from the Pakistani drama industry. She is now a film heroine and dancer with a large number of hits under her belt.

In 2019 Mehwish Hayat saw quite an erratic year. She has been continuously making into news stories.

Recently the actress shared a rehearsal video of her dance performance at the Pakistani drama Awards Show. And of course, the entire nation found something new to talk about. Her dressing, her body, and her Imaan.

In this year alone, the Pakistani actress has seen some extreme highs and lows when it comes to popularity. Here’s a quick look at her journey this year.


In March 2019 Mehwish was among the several prominent Pakistani citizens chosen for a national award. She was awarded for her contribution to the revival of Pakistani cinema. 

Mehwish Hayat on Winning Tambgha
Mewhish Hayat on Twitter

The Backlash to Mehwish Winning Tambgha-e-Imtiaz:

The Pakistani government considered Mehwish Hayat a suitable candidate for a national award. But thousands of Pakistanis did not agree and did not shy away from voicing their opinions on social media. 

Mehwish Hayat Criticism

She was slut-shamed. She was called out for promoting the objectification of women through item songs.

mehwish hayat critics

Gangster Guriya and Chhalawa – A New Low:

Things went further south for Mehwish soon after. Her item song from the Pakistani film “Baaji” was released. Several people started personal attacks on her character and moral values. Things went so bad, that other celebrities began to come out in her support.

osman khalid butt on mehwish hayat

And of course, Chhalawa was a ridiculous movie that failed to impress the audience.

Mehwish Hayat’s Attempts to Improve Pakistan’s Image in Media:

Recently the Pakistani drama heroine, Mehwish Hayat was called as an ambassador to the Pakistani film industry. She was invited to speak about Pakistan in Oslo, Norway.

Delivering a powerful speech, Mehwish called out Hollywood and Bollywood for spreading Islamophobia. This speech went viral in Pakistan. The Pakistani actress called out the distorted and stereotypical representation of Pakistan. 


After this, Mehwish was called for several interviews in the UK. She continued to talk about Pakistan, and foreign media’s attempts to show us as a terrorist state. 

She then took to twitter to explain what she was really doing in UK;

mehwish hayat uk

Instant Popularity in Pakistan

In a matter of days, Mehiwsh Hayat went from being slut-shamed to being called a national hero. We really do have a short memory, when it comes to our feelings for someone.

fans on mehwish hayat

Her work to build schools in one of the most neglected regions on Pakistan was lauded and widely appreciated. 

mehwish hayat fan

Top 5 Muslim Women Making a Difference:

Mehwish’s success continued. She was appreciated for her philanthropic work and voicing her opinions. The Muslim Vibe magazine named her as one of the top 5 Muslim women breaking stereotypes.

This earned her a lot of brownie points among the Pakistani fans.

mehwish hayat fan
Some gave her the “goddess” status

The Priyanka Fiasco:

Priyanka Chopra made quite a mess for herself when she gaslighted a Pakistani woman during a conference. Mehwish Hayat was among several celebrities that called her out. Mehwish pointed out how her behavior was unfit for a UN Ambassador to Peace.

Immediately Pakistanis began comparing the two. People said Mehiwh would make a much better ambassador for peace.

mehwish hayat and priyanka chopra
People compared her to Priyanka

Taking on India Alone:

The Pakistani actress did not stop there. Taking the point she made in Oslo further, Mehwish pointed out how Indian media was continuously spewing hatred towards Pakistan.

mehwish hayat bollywood
Mehwish Hayat on Twitter

Read more about foreign movies and shows that show Pakistan in a bad light here.

She also called out Alia Bhatt for copying the famous Pakistani song.

mehwish hayat alia bhatt

Recent Controversy for the Pakistani Actress

However, recently a video emerged, where she was being asked about her opinion on Kashmir Issue. And the Pakistani drama actress chose to give a diplomatic answer. This single-handedly brought down her popularity again. The full version of video was later released. And it showed the Pakistani actress’s full response had been edited.

She also made appearances at the US Open. And posed with several important figures for photographs. Pakistanis had mixed feelings about her images and her dressing.

mehwish hayat at us open
She did not shy away from posting a photo with her Indian rival Priyanka’s husband.

And add to it the dance video. Read about it here.

If this entire thing teaches us anything, its bad times don’t last forever.  People gossip and slander, but eventually, they move on. It’s particularly hard for Pakistani women to follow their dreams because anything they do is judged and talked about. 

If you are worried someone is talking behind your back, rest easy. As soon as you get a little success, the same people would start cheering for you. So be like Mehwish Hayat. Don’t pay people any heed, and just be your amazing self!


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