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Girls, be extremely careful of who you send your photos to!

A friend showed me how one of his friends had shared nude photos of his girlfriends in their Whatsapp Group, and it made me wonder how so many girls are trusting the wrong men here.

It would be ignorant and naive to assume its the current generation that is dating, and everyone else before us kept things totally halal. People have been secretly dating, involving in illicit relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual, for a very long time. One only has to look at some classy Mughal Art to know what kind of kinky things our Muslim Emperors were into.

However, with smartphones equipped with amazing cameras, relationships have been taken much further than our grandparent’s or parent’s generation.

Sexting is a new concept that involves text or photo simulation to turn each other on. And a majority of couples do it. It’s not only young people everyone is so fond of calling “Kharab generation“. Remember Uncle Majboor’s viral video? Yeah, that was phone sex.

The real problem is not how people are trying to find love or whatever people do behind closed doors. The problem is so many girls trust the wrong men. Some cheesy lines, a promise of marriage, and someone who listens to everything they say. And that is all it takes to “set” a girl. What comes next is, men asking for, or women sending their photos of their own accord.

Sending one photo can lead to further extortion. Send more photos to prove your love and more. This can get really bad really fast.

The Fault in Mindset

It is really the mindset at fault here. Men are treated as heroes by their friends, cousins, and others if they manage to get a girlfriend. Parents and elders usually laugh it off like; boys would be boys. Things are completely different for women. They are immediately labeled as kharab larki if anyone finds out they are in a relationship without marriage.

We live in a highly misogynistic society. Here men are peer pressured into getting girlfriends, treated like losers if they don’t have one. They are appreciated if they have more than one woman on the line. Decent guys are made to feel less than by their friends, for respecting women and not involving in illicit relationships.

The problem is further enhanced by all the movies, dramas, and videos that show how all the hero and heroine fall in love, go on dates, sing merry songs and do all kinds of “un-islamic things” without making the relationship halal.

Read more about Pakistani media’s obsession with weddings here.

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All popular dramas and movies glorify relationships

Men are praised if they get a girlfriend. The hotter the better. And how else would they earn brownie points among their friends, if they don’t share the nude photos of girlfriends with everyone?

Look she sent me her photos for my birthday

Wow man. You are such a stud. Hot girls send you their nudes. Amazing.

You are such a harami! Dating multiple women. And they all send you their photos? Give me some tips too, bro.

I have seen all manners of this conversation going on between boys. Fuckboys are generally treated with utmost respect among their friends. Nobody sees a problem with how they are breaking the trust of the women who sent them their photos.

What everyone is quick to point out is: how can the girl betray her parents and her own self-respect by sending someone nudes? Why was she talking to a namehram? Why did she send her photo? No shame!

Sure, you need two hands to clap. Girls are also wrong in this. They should not send their compromising photos to men who are not worthy of their trust or relationship. And that is exactly what this article is about.

All the girls reading this, it can happen to you too. You need to be very careful of who you trust. Not everyone is as sincere as they pretend to be. Most of the guys out there love showing off photos of their girlfriends to their friends. And it can only result in a scandal for you.

Final Message for Those Asking For and Sending Photos:

Women need to understand they have to be cautious. If anything goes wrong you would be the only one blamed. Don’t trust anyone. Who is meant to be yours, will be yours. Allah has created us in pairs, so wait for the one Allah made for you. You don’t have to prove your loyalty and love by sending someone your nudes and exposing yourself to shameful scandals.

Boys need to understand, girls are their Namehrams too. You should not lead a girl on, play with her feelings, ask for photos, and then leak them. If you think this will make you cool among your friends, remember Islamic rules apply to men as well. You are doing all this to a Namehram woman and there is pretty severe punishment for this waiting for you on Qayamat.

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