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7 Female Leads Who Inspired Us

In Pakistan, we usually get to see dramas with typical female leads. The bechari women, the bahu facing the abuse of saas, and the characters showing distorted images of good women. But there are some dramas every now and then that break this mold. We get to see some truly inspiring female leads every now and then.

Here is the list of 7 most inspiring female leads from Pakistani dramas.

Hajra from Inkaar:

A powerful story, which had more than one similarity with the Khadija Siddiqui stabbing case from a few years ago, Inkaar’s strongest point was the female lead portrayed beautifully by Yumna Zaidi.

The show that tried to ingrain the much-needed message of consent to the Pakistani community, did not try to deviate from this message by adding a male savior, or a love triangle, or the “bechari” complex.

Hajra fought for her right to consent in the court with some gut-wrenching dialogues. Even when her character was slandered. She was slut-shamed And the lawyers tried to justify how she deserved to be attacked because she had a relationship with the instigator. 

Inkaar does not make you feel sorry for the attacker or distract you with the female lead’s romance. Everything takes a backseat to the fight for the truth. And that is what makes Inkaar’s heroine a powerful female lead. 

female lead of Inkaar
Hajra from Inkaar

The Female Leads of Udaari:

Udaari had more than one strong woman. This drama showed how powerful a woman can be; whether it’s a mother protecting her daughter, a young girl trying to survive sexual harassment, or a shy young woman finding her voice and making an impressive career for herself.

The show not only threw light on how young children can fall victim to abuse by someone close to them. But it also showed different kinds of women trying to make it on their own.

From women belonging to upper-middle-class to those from the poorest regions of Pakistan, women are resilient and with a little push can achieve great things in life. This show in the world full of dramas and movies portraying sad heroines whose lives only run around marriages is a true diamond. 

female leads of udaari
Female leads of Udaari

Kiran from Kankar:

Umera Ahmad is well-known for writing complex characters that are extremely relatable to the abundant women watching these dramas.

Kankar follows the story of a pretty young woman, Kiran, who catches the eye of a rich, handsome man, her cousin Arzoo’s intended. However, that is where the story stops being similar to thousands of other dramas about love triangles.

Sikandar has grown up watching his father abusing his mother, physically and verbally, and he thinks that is how he should treat his wife as well. Kiran is told by her mother-in-law that men will be men, they can get angry sometimes. But Kiran doesn’t stick around to be treated like her husband’s personal punching bag. She files for divorce and remarries her cousin later.

The drama shows how important it is to know when to walk out from an abusive relationship, how parents need to put their daughters above “log kya kahenge?” and support them in their decisions, and how differently this misogynistic society treats divorced male and females. 

Kiran from Kankar

Dr. Zobia and others – Yaqeen ka Safar

Yaqeen ka Safar follows in parallel the story of multiple female characters.

One is a young woman from a poor background who is raped by a powerful man and when denied justice by the court, she takes the matter in her own hands.

Another woman loses her husband to false accusations of rape but decides to support him even after his death instead of believing what everyone else is saying.

The main female lead character is a young woman who has seen her mother get beaten to death by her father over a trivial thing. As an impressionable young girl, she falls victim to a trap of man, resulting in a life-long label of a “buri larki“.

From being shunned by family and friends, to facing stabbing comments on every step, Dr. Zobia does not give up on her dreams of becoming a doctor who saves the lives of women, who like her mother who suffer domestic abuse. 

Aaliya from Angan

This period drama was inspired by Khadija Mastoor’s award-winning novel of the same name.

Aaliya was from the time when it was considered educating them can ruin their minds. However, with the support of her father, she receives education and becomes an independent woman, able to earn for herself and her mother.

Growing up watching women facing all kinds of hardships in the name of love, Aaliya swears off to romances. She does not waver from her path to create her own identity. And that is what makes her an inspiring female lead for young Pakistani women, who are usually told to put their careers behind marriages.

Aaliya from Aangan

Farida from Digest Writer

Another gem by Umera Ahmad, Digest Writer follows the life of a struggling writer from a poor family, who dreams of a luxurious lifestyle and pens down her fantasies for digests.

However, she chooses to marry her good-for-nothing cousin to keep her father’s word to his sister, instead of marrying the man of her dreams. Showing a typical mentality, her aunt and her cousin stop her from writing after marriage and make her their personal slave. But when they are in need of money, they give her the “permission” to write again.

Farida finds the courage to stand up to the oppressive family, becomes a renowned writer, the sole breadwinner of the family, and builds the life for herself and her kids that she had once written about in her stories.

This female lead showed millions of young women in Pakistan, that women don’t need a knight in shining armor, they can build their own castles. 

farida digest writer
Farida from Digest Writer

Saba from Khaas

This Pakistani drama is still on air. It follows the story of a young woman who was married to a narcissistic man. While her husband manages to fool her parents and everyone else, Saba is the one who gets to his true face. He is a flirt, taunting husband who treats his wife as his property.

Saba does not make a compromise as most Pakistani women are told to. She takes the bold decision of asking for a divorce. While most Pakistani dramas show female leads facing all kinds of abuse because it is promoted that silently taking everything is how you make your place in susral. That is wrong and glorifies abuse. Saba showed women that it is okay to file for divorces instead of staying in an abusive relationship.

saba from khaas
Saba from Khaas

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