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6 Talented Pakistani Actors in Popular Negative Roles

Pakistani Drama Industry has been a big hit across the entire subcontinent. It is because of the talented Pakistani actors and actresses like Adnan Siddiqui, Humayoun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, and others.

Our dramas are losing their touch lately because of ‘shadi-centric’ storylines and abundance of new actors who are being hired left and right just to provide content to the plethora of channels. Despite the wave of really unimpressive new and young actors, some diamonds in rough are doing some exceptional work and making their mark. 

While most people love playing heroes, playing a villain is not an easy task. Anybody can play a golden boy or a perfect bahu but playing somebody evil and getting applauded is something very rare.

We have a list of 6 amazing new-age actors who did an exceptional job of bringing some evil characters to life. Take a look.


1. Ushna Shah – Balaa

Ushna Shah has come a long way from playing a shy and timid girl in ‘Bashar-e-Momin’ to playing a scheming and vindictive woman in Balaa.

In Balaa, Ushna Shah plays a very spoiled daughter who according to her father is a cause of his good fortune. She thinks she is perfect in every way except for her disability. All this attention and pampering from her father turns her into a person who believes that she is the best of them all and all must bow before her. She plots and schemes against everybody around her ends up destroying her and husband’s family.

Ushna’s acting and the delivery of her dialogues have set this character apart from all the evil bahus played on the screen. She did and said the most despicable things while keeping a flat yet innocent expression on her face which is a very hard thing to do. 

ushna shah balaa
Ushna Shah – Balaa

2. Bilal Abbas Khan- Cheekh

Bilal Abbas Khan started his career with sweet, golden hero characters. However, he has recently started experimenting with negative roles. By playing Wajeeh in Cheekh, Bilal Abbas has proved himself one of the best Pakistani actors from the new generation.

Wajeeh is a privileged man who grew up in a male-dominated household. He was brought up by his brother who supported him in everything he did which taught him that he can treat women however he wants. That is why he tried to molest his sister’s best friends and eventually kills her in the process. Thus begins the whole fight of right against wrong in which Wajeeh, being on the wrong side does everything to pressurize his sister-in-law from giving up the fight for good.

Bilal Abbas Khan’s great acting skills made Wajeeh a very charismatic character and fans loved him despite all the things he had done. Wajeeh’s character had childlike energy and a very cunning mind which was a very difficult combination to get right. 

bilal abbas khan pakistani actor
Bilal Abbas Khan – Cheekh

3. Ali Rehman – Khaas

One of the many Pakistani actors who usually land hero roles because of his good looks, Ali Rehman has proved there is much more to him.

His latest character, Ammar, in the new drama Khaas is completely different from anything he has ever done before. He is a toxic husband who is insecure about his wife’s accomplishments. As a narcissist, he thinks he is God’s blessing for everyone, and treats everyone like his toys.

Ali Rehman has taken a misogynist character from our society and alleviated it to the point that this character made people realize narcissism, and spoiling children can ruin so many lives. 

Read about Saba from Khaas in the Inspiring Female Leads here.

ali rehman pakistani actors
Ali Rehman – Khaas

4. Imraan Ashraf – Inkaar

One of the most popular new-age Pakistani actors is Imran Ashraf. He started his acting career in 2011 but he has recently gained the well-deserved fame and fan’s appreciation.

Imran Ashraf’s latest negative role is Rehan Sheikh from drama ‘Inkaar’ where he plays a spoiled brat who stabs a girl with scissors at her wedding because she rejected him.

Imran Ashraf’s character is passionate, spoiled and crazy. Imran made sure that all his expressions completely portrayed all the emotions fit for such a character. His acting skills made sure that the viewers were hooked till the last scene.

imran ashraf inkaar pakistani actors
Imran Ashraf – Inkaar

5. Feroze Khan – Khaani

Khani is not the first time Feroz Khan has played a negative character but this is the best one he has ever played.

In Khaani, Feroze Khan played Hadi who is a spoiled son of a very rich and famous political leader. He kills a young man because he had asked him to move his car so he could get his car out. Hadi later falls for the sister of the person he had killed because she refused to bend before him despite all his efforts to scare her.

His character shows an amazing transformation of a spoiled guy to a love-struck boy and then being crazy in love because Khani could never fall for a guy who killed her brother. Feroze Khan’s overall performance in a negative role was very passionate and full of energy which made this character an ultimate hit. 

feroze khan pakistani actors
Feroze Khan – Khaani

6. Neelum Muneer – Dil Mom Ka Diya

Dil Mom ka Diya was one of the most-watched dramas of 2018, with some great Pakistani actors such as Hira Mani, Imran Ashraf, Yasir Nawaz, among others. But despite these popular actors, one character that stood out throughout the show was the negative role performed by Neelum Muneer.

A woman who is absolutely selfish, and cares for no one and nothing except herself. She has no problem leaving her husband, her children and her family in pursuit of her materialistic dreams.

Neelum Muneer had the chance to show her acting chops with this role, and she performed really well. She made the character shine with her realistic acting.

neelum muneer pakistani actor
Neelum Muneer – Dil Mom Ka Diya

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