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10 Profiting Careers in Pakistani Weddings

Do you love everything about Pakistani weddings? How about making a career in the flourishing shaadi industry then?

In Pakistan, one of the biggest recreational activities people have is attending weddings. From preparing dances, thinking of interesting themes for the event, to eating the shaadi food; Pakistanis do love their weddings.

There is this new trend of arranging countless events at weddings. People show off their designer clothes. Couples hire event planners to make their events become the talk of the town.

More and more grand wedding photos and videos are being shared on social media. And a lot of people are now following the example, as best as their budget allows them to do.

With unemployment being one of the biggest problems in Pakistan, people are taking advantage of this trend of large, extravagant weddings. Right now, weddings have become one of the most high-profiting business opportunities. And many people are jumping on the bandwagon.

Career Ideas in Pakistani Weddings

Here are some of the highest paying careers in the wedding business, if you are interested:

1. Dress and Jewelry Designer

A few decades ago, there were only a few designers in Pakistan. They were limited to only dressing celebrities and the elite class brides. But now, new designer brands are launching everywhere. Their prices range from 2 lac to over 10 lac per dress.

Those who can’t afford real designer clothes, opt for replicas. Several “designer shops” have popped up in Anarkali, Liberty, Karachi’s and Rawalpindi’s markets. They can cost anything from 50k to 2 lac for a dress copied from a reference photo.

Jewelry designers are also becoming a thing now and a great career opportunity for fresh graduates. Many new jewelry designers have recently established their brands in Pakistan.

Designers are no longer limited to dressing brides. Even the dulhas and wedding guests prefer to get designer wear for the event. Many brands are focused only on groom fashion.

Check out the latest in Pakistani bridal fashion here.

pakistani bridal dress designer
Bride and Groom Fashion by Nomi Ansari

2. Event Planner

Event planning companies are still relatively new in Pakistan. Many new start-ups are focusing on this field. Event management companies organize everything from concerts to corporate events. With a large number of weddings happening every day and the fascination with having perfect events, many people hire event planners for Pakistani weddings. This trend is no longer limited to the upper class. Low-cost event planners can also be found.

If you want to launch a business as an event planner, then this Shaadi season is your time to shine.

event planner

3. Catering Service

Catering services have always benefited greatly from Pakistani weddings. Despite the government’s orders to serve only a one-dish meal, not many people follow these rules. Food is an integral part of a Pakistani wedding. And people spare no costs on the food.

You can take this idea one step further to attract more clients. Offer your guests unique foods like gol gappay shots, chocolate fountains, and live barbeque for their weddings. Having a catering business right now can be very profitable.

shaadi food on Pakistani weddings
Photo Credits: Pinterest

4. Photographer

The latest trend for people struggling to find a job after graduation is to launch a shop as amateur photographers. In Pakistani weddings, everything is useless, unless there is a photographer to record it.

Everyone is trying to get professional photoshoots at their weddings. It is not very difficult to earn quite a handsome amount of covering weddings. The new photographers charge about 10k. The famous photographers charge anything above 1 lac per event. Wedding photography is a very profiting field to consider as a career. You can have a very profitable shaadi season.

wedding photography in pakistan
Image Credits: Highfive Organizer

5. Makeup Artists

A few decades ago, most women used to get ready at home for their weddings. But now everyone wants to go to a makeup artist to doll up for their big days. For those who can afford, the preferred choice is the famous salons of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. They can cost around 70k to 1lac for one day’s makeup. For brides, it is easy to find a salon that fits their budget. From freelancing makeup artists that can come quite cheap, to mid-range MUA’s, there is a makeup artist for every bride out there. A majority of MUA’s work only on brides.

Grooms are now also booking services at salons to look good at their weddings.

If you are decent at doing makeup, with a few beauty courses, you can become a wedding MUA as well. Initially, you can keep your rates low. Once you have established your worth, you can make lacs in a day.

bridal mua in pakistan
Image Credits: Sobia’s Salon

6. Rishta Service

If you have great match-making skills you can make a lot of money in rishta business. Try to set up arrange marriages for hard-to-please grooms and brides. According to our source, for a successful match, the rishta aunties or ventures can take anything from 50k to 1lac. While browsing can also be charged from 2k to 10k just to show prospective bahu and damad photos to the nitpicking mothers.

In the digital world, you can take this business of arranging shaadis a step further and launch a rishta site or app. With such a venture, you can make quite a lot of amount from Pakistani weddings.

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rishta aunty
Photo Credits: Careem

7. Cake Artists

A great job for stay-at-home women looking to make some money. New cake artists are also joining the Pakistani wedding industry. A small cake costs around 5k. Large three-tiered wedding cakes cost over 10k. More and more couples are choosing to get a cake for their events. Cake artists are making personalized cakes for engagements, Nikah, Mehndi, and receptions.

With a little training in baking and fondant making, launching a business as a cake artist in this era of lavish weddings is not very hard. A home-based cake artist can make good profit during shaadi season.

shaadi cake
Image Credits: Cake Studio Lahore

8. Graphic Designer and Printing Service

Gone are the days, people used to have simple and monotonous wedding cards. Everyone wants pretty and unique designs. All the graphic designers are jumping on the opportunity. Wedding cards, “Save the Date” cards, wedding menus, and the bidh boxes, everything is now customized. People want everything to be designed beautifully for their shaadis. Printing services can completely personalize a wedding for the couple and make quite a lot of profit.

wedding card designer

9. Choreographers

Choreographers are relatively new in the wedding scene. They are still limited to only 1% of the Pakistani community. With everyone competing to have the best dances on their shaadis, it was only a matter of time people were going to turn towards professionals to organize their dances. If you are a good dancer with a little training, you can get into the choreography business for wedding dances.

Photo Credits: Highfive Organizers

10. Florists and Decorators

The latest trend in Pakistani weddings is to have floral décor. The florists around the country are making well from providing flowers and decoration facilities to the wedding halls and marquees. If you have a good aesthetic sense you can do it too. Wedding decoration and a florist business can be a very high-paying business venture.

pakistani weddings stage designer

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