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Why The Ridiculous Rapid-Fire Rounds Need to End

Rapid-fire rounds have become all the craze in Pakistani media. But they also stem unnecessary controversy.

Every other day we hear a new controversy. Some actor or actress says something about another celebrity on a show. Then people start taking sides on social media, sharing and resharing the clips. The celebrities involved leave their responses in long statuses, stories, or in follow-up interviews. And when we have finally moved on from this whole ridiculous episode, another controversy is ripe for the taking. 

The real culprit, most of the time, are talk shows that put celebrities on spot in their rapid-fire rounds and pit them against each other. 

What Happens in Rapid-Fire Rounds?

In the subcontinent, it is Karan Johar’s controversial talk show Koffee with Karan that introduced rapid-fire rounds. That is where all the Pakistani shows are getting their inspiration from for these rapid-fire rounds. These shows get their ratings by making celebrities give problematic statements on national TV. The more viral the clip goes, the more people will tune in for the next episode in anticipation of something equally juicy. 

In all good sense, how are people supposed to answer questions such as, “Which female actress should not be in the industry”, “Who is the most over-rated actor?”, “Rate the following actor/actresses in the order of their acting or beauty?” 

If the celebrities answer these questions, give a name, they find themselves in an awkward situation. If they don’t, the hosts tend to make them feel like a loser for being a decent human being. 

rapid-fire in morning show faisal qureshi
Morning Shows in Pakistan

The source of most viral clips these days is Ahsan Khan’s “Bol Nights with Ahsan” where he asks actors and actresses completely ridiculous questions, to which they try to reply to the best of their abilities. Another example is “After Moon Show with Yasir”. There are plenty more. 

Even morning shows have started asking these pointless questions from their guests. Rounds where celebrities are shown photos of other celebrities and are asked to give their opinion on them. Everywhere celebrities are being asked rude or extremely personal questions and it must be pretty hard for them to answer all these inquiries without slipping up. 

Put An End to Rapid-Fire Rounds

It’s time for Pakistani media to realize they are not doing anyone good by setting actors and actresses against each other. Creating such a tense, hateful environment in the industry would make it hard for media personnel to work with each other. It can also make it difficult for them to make some great shows and films that the audience loves to watch.

The Pakistani media need to focus on positivity. They should help make a better and safer working environment for everyone. Promoting hatred and creating controversies can only cause harm to the already staggering industry.

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Why not use your shows to talk about some meaningful things, instead of creating controversies to get higher ratings? 

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