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Pakistan in 2019: Here’s Everything Amazing That Happened

Pakistan saw many ups and downs this year. There were some really bad events that happened in Pakistan in 2019. Pakistan and India’s worsening relations after India put Kashmir under a lockdown. An increased rate in pedophilia. H.I.V outbreak in children. The recent lawyers and doctors fiasco. And there’s plenty more.

However, despite all the negativity, its time to end 2019 on a high note. The end of the year is the time to count the blessings. So, here are all the amazing things that happened in Pakistan in 2019.

1. History was made in diplomacy between Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India have always had a rocky relationship but 2019 was especially bad.

In early 2019, Pakistan and India’s relationship went really sour. After a terrorist activity in Indian occupied Kashmir, India blamed Pakistan. As revenge, the Indian government claimed they destroyed a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

Pakistan called out India for these baseless claims. When Pakistani pilots shot down an Indian jet and Indian pilot, Abhinandan was captured, Pakistanis set a great example of hospitality. Instead of killing the enemy pilot Abhinandan, Pakistanis served him tea. Then the government sent the pilot Abhinandan back to India through the Wahga border.

It was a great example of how issues can be resolved peacefully between Pakistan and India. The whole world praised Pakistan for its diplomatic approach and for returning the pilot Abhinandan safely.

2. Climate Change March

Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries by climate change. Floods, the spread of epidemics, and smog are all just the tip of the iceberg. But still, a majority of the population is either not aware of the seriousness of the issue or shrugs it off. So, when the Climate Change March was held around the world, it was heartening to see Pakistanis answering the call. A Climate Change March was organized in Pakistan in 2019, on 20th September in 26 cities. It a great way to spread awareness and demand for significant measures to be taken.

climate change march in pakistan in 2019
Image Source: Chicago Tribune

3. Imran Khan Made a Historic Speech at UNGA

Pakistan rarely gets a spotlight at the United Nations General Assembly. However, this year was different. Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered a heartfelt speech. He promoted Pakistan’s message of peace, called out India for its brutalities in Kashmir, and demanded that the world does something about the looted money of Pakistan that was taken to the Western countries. His speech made every Pakistani proud to finally have great representation at an international forum. It was also viewed by people all over the world and appreciated.

pm pakistan in 2019
Imran Khan at UNGA 2019

4. Kate and William Visited Pakistan in 2019

Another great thing that happened in Pakistan in 2019 was the royal visit. Pakistanis have always loved British royals. From loving Lady Diana to watching Kate and William’s royal marriage, Pakistanis have always showered immense love on the British royalties. When Kate and William visited Pakistan, the whole nation watched their every move, every attire of Kate, and every event they participated in. The visit of Kate and William also promoted Pakistan’s image of being a safe, beautiful location. It will definitely be great for increasing tourism in Pakistan.

kate and william in pakistan in 2019
Kate and William in Pakistan in 2019

5. Pakistan Opened Kartarpur Corridor

As promised to his friend Navjot Singh Sidhu, PM Imran Khan put a team to build and negotiate terms between Pakistan and India for the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor. While India tried to delay negotiations, the Kartarpur Corridor was still opened in time for Guru Nanak’s birthday. Build as a crossing between Pakistan and India, Kartarpur Corridor now allows Sikhs to visit the shrine of their esteemed religious leader, Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur.

The initiative showed a peaceful image of Pakistan that welcomes all minorities. It also opens an untapped potential for religious tourism in Pakistan. The state, local shop keepers, hotels, and food vendors now have the opportunity to earn a generous profit by serving the visiting Sikhs.

6. Pakistan Performed Well in Sports (Other Than Cricket)

While the Pakistani cricket team’s performance has been an all-time low, Pakistan really shone in other sports. Muhammad Waseem aka “Falcon” won awards in boxing. Muhammad Asif brought pride to Pakistan by winning IBSF World Snooker Championship. Pakistani athletes won several medals at South Asian Games 2019. It’s about time we start giving the same respect to other sportsmen as the cricketers.

7. Pakistan Set New Records in Film and TV

There has always been a discussion about foreign shows and movies on social media. But 2019 was a year Pakistanis watched and discussed the local shows and movies. The dramas such as Do Bol, Cheekh, Ehd-e-Wafa, Mere Pas Tum Ho and Alif received quite a lot of appreciation by the Pakistanis. The movies Baaji, Laal Kabootar, Superstar, and Paray Hut Love also set new records. It is heartening to see Pakistanis have started turning towards the local media and promoting our own shows and movies.

pakistan in 2019 mere pas tum ho
Mere Pas Tum Ho– 2019’s Most Popular Drama

8. Pakistan was named No. 1 Tourist Destination

Pakistan is a highly beautiful country. There is great potential for tourism in Pakistan. And the world has finally began to see past the terrorist image. The government took some appreciable steps to promote tourism in Pakistan. Several famous international vloggers visited Pakistan in 2019. There were also many royal visits including the Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

As a new year gift, Pakistan was named the number one tourist destination by the Conde Nast best holiday destinations for 2020 list. Pakistan is beautiful, people are hospitable and traveling and accommodation are cheap. And the royal visit definitely helped bring Pakistan to the top of this list. 2020 can be an amazing year for tourism in Pakistan.

tourism in pakistan in 2019

There were several other great things that happened in Pakistan in 2019. High profile arrests were made. Laundered money was recovered. Several Pakistanis made us proud on different international forums. A Netflix documentary on Pakistan’s first Nobel Laureate Abdul Salam was released. The government took steps and invited high-profile influencers and royals to increase tourism in Pakistan.

Here’s to hoping 2020 will be a much better year!

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