new year resolutions 2020

Important New Year Resolutions for 2020 Everyone Should Make

Making New Year resolutions is a ritual for everyone at the start of a new year. However, 2020 marks a start for a new decade and calls for some really thoughtful resolutions.

We have made a list of some important resolutions everyone needs to make at the start of 2020 and try to follow in this new decade.

new year resolutions 2020

New Year Resolutions for 2020

1. Be Kinder

Kindness is slowly dying in the world. At the pretext of being straight-forward or taking advantage of the added anonymity on social media, people have become very negative and critical. However, it is entirely a person’s choice of what words they use and how they behave, even on social media. So, in 2020 let’s chose to be kinder. Say nice things to others. Don’t take part in bullying or body shaming. If you have nothing nice to say, then just don’t say anything at all. Don’t be a troll, when you can be kind.

2. Take Your Health Seriously

Whether it’s your mental health or physical health, promise yourself that in this new year you would not take your health for granted. Exercise regularly, cut down on junk food and ask for help when you feel alone or depressed. There are many apps and websites that are designed to help you live a healthier and happier life. Here a list of 10 best health apps. Even if you see someone around you looking depressed or worried, tell them it is okay to go to a psychologist. You are nothing without your health, and the taboos around mental health need to end in 2020.

3. Be More Conscious Of the Environment

Climate change is real folks! And its effects can already be seen in the form of floods, heatwaves, and diseases like Dengue. Even if it is not in our hands how the officials and governments choose to reduce their carbon emissions, we all have a role to play.

You can choose not to use plastic water or soda bottles. Get a disposable bottle and use it every day. Refuse to use plastic straws and sip your drinks from the cups as people have done for centuries. Don’t waste water while bathing or washing, and make sure no one in your home does. Use a bus or a carpool whenever you can. These little changes in your lifestyle won’t hurt you but can give Earth a better chance at survival.

4. Be a Better Friend and Family Member

Life is all about the little things, little moments of happiness. If you have friends and family members you love, promise yourself to give them more attention and time. Throw a text and ask someone how they are doing, take a day off and spend some time getting to know what your family has been up to, be there for your siblings or friends.

It is easy to get lost in the tough work routine. The internet has also reduced most of the direct contact between families and friends. This can lead to people falling into depression and feeling isolated. So, in 2020 just make an attempt to once in a while put your phone down and be there for people who love you.

5. Prevent All Kinds of Harassment

Add this to your new year resolutions. Whether you hear your neighbor beating his wife, or see your boss flirting with a co-worker, don’t be a silent observer. Take an initiative and do something about it. Whether its a male or a female, if you know someone is being harassed, report it to the responsible authority. If a teacher is making perverted comments to a male or female student, tell the university administration. If your friend is involved in spreading photos of his girlfriend, report him to FIA. If you know about domestic abuse taking place somewhere, call the police.

Harassment or abuse is NOT a personal issue. It affects everyone. And as responsible citizens, making it your responsibility to prevent all kinds of harassment around you. Don’t worry about what will people say when they find out you reported them. What is wrong is wrong, and Islam teaches us not preventing a wrong makes you an accomplice in the sin.

new year resolutions

6. Do More of What You Love

Take some time out for yourself in 2020. This should be in everyone’s new year resolutions. If you love playing a musical instrument, take some online tutorials and perfect your art. If you are obsessed with traveling, save some money and plan a tour with people you love. Doing what you love has been proven to give you more happiness. In this uncertain world, where bad things happen every day, something as simple as taking time out to enjoy a hobby can do wonders for your mental health.

7. Don’t Become Part of a Mob

Mob mentality is a dangerous thing. As part of a mob, people can do some horrific things which they later regret. Even if everyone around you is gearing up to launch a protest, choose to stay out of it unless you can be sure it’s going to be peaceful. There is nothing wrong taking part in a peaceful protest for your rights, but a mob is entirely a different thing.

This won’t make you a coward, rather by choosing to stay out of violent protests you can make the sane decision of not taking part in any horrific crimes against humanity. It’s all about the choices you make, not how the world sees you. So for the new year, decide to stay out of violent protests. Read more about mob mentality in Pakistan here.

A new year gives you another chance to improve yourself and your life. We all make new year resolutions every year; to lose weight, to eat healthier, travel more, etc. However, we rarely see them through. In 2020, promise to become the best version of yourself. So, which of these would you add to your new year resolutions?

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