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Comparing Celebrity Couples: A Disgusting Act

Recently many people affiliated with the media have started dating or marrying in the industry. This has led to people picking their favorite celebrity couples, comparing them with other couples, and leaving crass comments on their posts. 

Different Kinds of Celebrity Couples:

Pakistani drama actors, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding news spread like wildfire a few days before the ceremony. The two hadn’t been spotted by the media together before. Their relationship (even if it was platonic) had come as a complete surprise to the nation. As soon as their small, intimate wedding photos went viral on the internet, the comments and memes began appearing, throwing heavy shade on other celebrity couples.

On the other hand, the renowned Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are known to make very public displays of affection. Everything from the proposal on an award show to their photos together is heavily judged and criticized.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, the Pakistani celebrities, are best known for their lengthy wedding. There have been countless memes made on their wedding and even jokes at their expense on award shows. The couple chose to have multiple events, shared their photos on social media, and became subjected to national criticism.

Everything about Pakistani actors and Pakistani actresses is already judged and talked about. People think if someone is a celebrity, their privacy doesn’t mean anything. So when Pakistani drama stars get married; bloggers, news channels and magazines get a lot of fodder for the next few days.

We as a nation love gossiping about weddings. At every wedding, people are more interested in the quality of food, who is wearing what, who is talking to whom, and which girl is dancing like she has no sharam, than being there to join in the joyous moments of the couple. We also love Pakistani celebrities. And when celebrity couples get married, it gives everyone something to talk about. Pakistani media is obsessed with weddings.

But the real problem is, people compare and contrast celebrity couples. Someone’s wedding is dubbed ideal while someone is humiliated for theirs. Some Pakistani drama actress is called out for wearing too revealing clothes on her wedding and pitted against another actress who had a simpler bridal dress. A Pakistani actor’s wife is called ugly and compared with another actor’s wife. This comparison never ends. Even the people who are associated with the Pakistani celebrities get pulled into this.

Comparing the Pakistani actor’s wives by posting their photos together and trying to get likes is another lowly act that many Pakistani bloggers and pages are guilty of doing. Even brothers and sisters of Pakistani actors and Pakistani actresses are heavily judged. Things get uglier when people start tagging celebrities in such posts and critical comments. They get no escape from all the poisonous things people are saying about them.

There is something we need to understand as a nation. Every couple has the right to decide whether they want to disclose their relationship before marriage or not. It is their choice of how much they want to spend on their wedding. How many events they want to have. It’s also their preference if they want to post photos of their events. It is also their decision who they want to marry. The public has no say in any of these things.

Calling one celebrity couple the ideal, just because they chose to keep their relationship private and have a small wedding; while humiliating all the other celebrity couples says more about your own mentality than theirs. Calling someone ugly, old or fat is body-shaming and also wrong.

It is true that Islam discourages heavy expenditure on weddings. But most people calling out celebrity couples are also guilty of taking Jahez, rejecting girls for being dark, or putting their parents under a lot of pressure to buy them a designer bridal lehenga for a good photo shoot.

It’s not like most people here don’t spend way more than their yearly income on one event. So do we really have the right to be calling out celebrity couples who choose to have grand ceremonies? If you appreciate someone’s small wedding, maybe follow their lead in your life as well. But no, when it comes to ourselves, simplicity is not an option.

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You have the freedom to appreciate or hate someone’s life choices in your mind. Beauty is subjective. You might find someone good-looking that others don’t like. However, we all have the responsibility to be morally decent when leaving our opinions on a public forum. 

So folks, next time you want to take part in this despicable act, take a moment to reconsider. Think about how would you feel if your friends start saying to your face how they prefer another friend’s wife or choice of wedding venue over yours. You have a right to an opinion. But if your opinions can be hurtful to someone, you should keep them to yourself. 

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