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What Kind of Feminist Are You? Check out these 6 kinds of feminism.

There are many different kinds of feminism. Read below to find out what kind of feminist are you?

In Pakistan, the word “feminism” is considered a negative term. Women who call themselves feminists are considered a menace to the traditional values. But one thing people don’t know there’s more than one kind of feminism, and in some way, every woman is a feminist.

If you think you have a right to be educated, to vote, to inherit or own property, and you believe you deserve equal opportunities as men, congratulations you are a feminist!

Feminism actually means movements that demand equal rights and legal protection for women. Under feminism, there are several schools of thought, some are controversial, other conservative. If you want to find out which kind of feminists match your beliefs, find out below:

What Kind of Feminist Are You?

Liberal Feminist

Liberal feminists believe every woman has the right to fight for her equality through her own choices and actions. The goal of liberal feminism is to create movements that can lead to political and social reforms that allow women to have equal rights as men. Despite people hating on the word “liberal” in Pakistan, this is a very peaceful kind of feminism in which women seek social change through political movements.

Radical Feminist

The radical feminists are more militant in nature. They believe the only way for women to progress is to take the patriarchy out from the roots. They want to restructure the entire social order so that women can have equal opportunities in the new world. Some radical feminists also believe women need to take more leadership roles, as they are superior to men.

Socialist Feminist

Taking on the concepts of Karl Marx and capitalism, socialist feminists believe the real enemy to women’s progress is not patriarchy, but capitalism. Women are devoid of opportunities to make careers and live independently, unlike men and are restricted to roles of unpaid homemakers and mothers by the capitalist society. This gives women a lower position than men in society as they are financially dependent on men.

Socialist feminists believe the only way to make women equal to men is by breaking the stereotypes of a “good woman” by allowing women to share household responsibilities with men and having fulfilling careers. 

Islamic Feminist

No matter what distorted version of Islam religious fanatics preach, Islam was the first religion that uplifted and recognized the rights of women. Centuries before the West, Islam allowed women the right to own properties, the right to marry or divorce, and the right to ask payment from their husbands for household chores.

Islamic feminists believe using the Quranic texts and Sunnah in their true essence is the only way to reduce the oppression of women. It is the school of thought that suggests women are not superior to men, and they have some restrictions on them as well, placed by religion for their own benefit. A woman must obey the religious values and in return, men must respect their due rights. 

Postmodern Feminist

Using the philosophical concepts of postmodernism and structuralism, the Postmodern school of thought believes not all women are the same, and they should recognize and accept the diversity not only between the genders but also among the women. The goal of postmodern feminism is also to dismantle patriarchy and the gender norms that have been created by centuries of traditions being passed down generations. To create gender equality, our beliefs and traditions of gender roles need to change.

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Male Feminist 

Over the years, many men have worked and advocated for women’s rights. However, commonly most men’s view of feminism is distorted. They believe women deserve equal rights, but they are not ready to accept the society is patriarchal in nature, and rape, pornography, and media’s objectification of women is a way to assert patriarchal power over women. Male feminists tend to see the patriarchy as a myth created by the dramatic women to gain sympathy. Most male feminists want women to have “equal” rights as long as it is convenient for them.

kind of feminist

So, which kind of feminist are you? Leave in comments.


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